A total of 652 people took part in the seminars organised at ADDIT3D. This first edition of the event showed that there is clearly great interest in learning first hand about the potential of additive manufacturing: the venue was almost full for the various sessions.

The exhibition area also received a great many visitors. The total of 84 exhibitors rated their participation in this first edition of the event as highly positive. They all agree that it was a good idea to have a specific forum devoted to these recently-developed technologies, which are set to bring about radical changes in the paradigms of manufacturing. The sector’s worldwide turnover in 2015 was $5.2 billion. It has grown steadily at more than 30% per annum since 2011 and is expected to treble its volume of business in the next four years.

The next edition of ADDIT3D will take place next year, coinciding with Industry Week.

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